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Fluent Conference 2014 Complete Video Collection; O'Reilly Media

16 June 2014

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this work under the O’Reilly Blogger Review Program.

So I’m not a web developer, just an interested amateur. I know a little HTML, a smattering of JavaScript, and a few tidbits of jQuery, plus some backend stuff (Node/Express) with which I have limited facility. I had two goals in reviewing this collection, which includes every keynote, tutorial and session talk from the Fluent conference put on by O’Reilly:

  1. Get a sense of what’s happening at the forefront of web development. I probably share this with the majority of actual attendees.
  2. Learn something new from the in-depth tutorials. Given that I’m starting at a lower baseline, this may have been a stretch.

The result? I really enjoyed the talks. For the most part, speakers are engaging and clear. I watched all the keynotes, most of the tutorials, and a smattering of session talks aligned with my own interests. High points included:

Less good points:

All told, though, a great resource for getting up to speed on trends in web development.