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09 December 2012

I’m uploading here three presentations for which I still get requests from time to time.

Introduction to ANOVA is a lab meeting presentation I gave introducing the concept of ANOVAs as generalized linear models. In my field, most people have some idea what regression does, but treat ANOVA as black-box sorcery. The idea here was to bridge that gap.

Introduction to Power Analysis is another lab meeting presentation that attempted to (gently) introduce the ideas behind power analysis. It turned out more technical than it probably should have been for an audience of non-math types, but it’s still perhaps useful. Also, ninjas. At the moment, WordPress is refusing to upload my Matlab files, so they’re not included.

Brain Stimulation Review is a recent presentation that was mostly done for my own benefit. A lot of my work deals with the effects of deep brain stimulation, and so I’ve been a lot of papers about what it does at the cellular level. To my mind, this is really one of the success stories of computational modeling in neuroscience. We actually have a pretty good idea of how the underlying physics works, so the single-cell modeling is likely to be accurate(-ish). Now, when you get to networks, that’s another story.

This presentation was an attempt to distill the most important points from half a dozen modeling and review articles. In principle, it applies to both macro- and microstimulation, as well as direct electrical stimulation (as performed in surgery).